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Modeleasy+ Release 5.4

The Latest Release of Modeleasy+ Offers Enhancements and New Features 

Econometric Modeling & Computing Corporation is pleased to announce the release of Modeleasy+ 5.4. This exciting new release of Modeleasy+ offers the following new features and is available for the AIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms:

a new VAR command for Vector Auto Regression analysis;
Manuals distributed in PDF format;
improved Helps and Tutorials.

To obtain more information about this release of Modeleasy+ click here.

VAR Command

Release 5.4 of Modeleasy+ has a new VAR command which performs Vector Auto Regression analysis on specified variables.

The VAR command can be used either with a user-supplied model or will construct a model from the list of variables supplied. Estimation algorithms, which may be selected by a command keyword, include standard OLS, use of the ESTIMATE command, and QR decomposition using the LAPack subroutine DGELSY. The Forecast Error Variance Decomposition and Impulse Response Function are also computed over a time horizon that can be specified by the user. In addition, the user can specify a matrix of shocks to be used in computing the Impulse Response Function.

For a more complete discussion of the VAR command, refer to the Enhancements page.


Manuals The Modeleasy+ manuals are now being distributed in PDF format with all versions. 

The Modeleasy+ manuals can be opened independently of Modeleasy+ with a PDF viewer or from within Modeleasy+ by menu selection. The manuals supplied are:

Modeleasy+ Getting Started Manual 
Modeleasy+ Reference Manual
Speakeasy Getting Started Manual
Speakeasy Guide for New Users
Speakeasy Reference Manual
Vocabulary Overview
Manuals for users who are interested in writing their own linkule extensions to Modeleasy+.

Click here to go to the Modeleasy+ Documentation Download area.

Help& Tutorials Modeleasy+ 5.4 is being distributed with Help documents and Tutorials that are in HTML format in order to allow the users to access the full tree structure of these documents outside of the Modeleasy+ environment. 

The Help documents and Tutorials can also be launched from within Modeleasy+ in the standard way or also in a Web browser through a menu choice. In order to use these documents outside of the Modeleasy+ environment, it is only necessary to open the appropriate file in the Web browser of the user's choice. The Help document index file is named thelp.html, the longer Document index file is named index.html, and the Tutorial index file is named index.html. These files can be found in the help, document, and tutorial subdirectories of the Modeleasy+ installation, respectively.




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