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Modeleasy+ is the powerful, advanced econometric modeling package.


Modeleasy+ Description

The Modeleasy+ econometric modeling software package is the premier research tool of economists around the world.  In widespread use for more than 20 years, Modeleasy+ is time tested and has a proven track record.

Modeleasy+ is clearly superior to other modeling software in the market. It allows productive modeling, estimation and simulation of large models having thousands of equations through its performance driven design.  Modeleasy+ provides these advanced numerical capabilities for processing data, along with powerful graphics for viewing the results, by being seamlessly integrated with the Speakeasy software system.  

Unique Features A unique feature of Modeleasy+ is its modeling language.  Designed by economists for economists, the modeling language of Modeleasy+ is based in econometric terminology making it natural, with a syntax that is readily understood.  This feature allows economists to concentrate on problem formulation rather than difficulty of the solution, lending directly to increased productivity.
Performance and Efficiency The robust model description language is the Modeleasy+ feature that allows economists to quickly formulate their models and save them for future use. The model processing language of Modeleasy+ contains a large number of estimation techniques, as well as advanced simulation capabilities. Both of these can be applied to the model without any changes to the model itself - another productivity plus. The efficiency of the simulation method gives Modeleasy+ unparalleled performance.
Easy Interfaces
to your data
Modeleasy+ has interfaces to other software packages to allow data to be easily obtained, exchanged, and analyzed. Modeleasy+ can easily exchange data with spreadsheets such as Excel and Quattro Pro. Data can be obtained from the FAME database with the Fame interface provided with Modeleasy+. Data may be easily exchanged with the Tramo/Seats programs and the B34S program for additional analysis.
Future Development It is our commitment to produce the finest economic modeling product available.  Through joint development with the Bank of Italy, Modeleasy+ will continue to evolve in answer to the needs of economic researchers  This will enable EMCC to be a leader in research, product development and support in this field and assure its users they are working with highest quality econometric modeling software.
With its remarkably efficient design and powerful numeric engine, Modeleasy+ is an unparalleled tool for any organization doing econometric research. 

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